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Alfie has a passion for cookery and is also a very good chef and because of this the people he tours eat extremely well. He knows what to choose for the people in order so they can taste the delicious Sicilian dishes of all variety. He takes you to visit the wineries to show how wine is made, to farms to show you how the cheese is made and ricotta of course, Olive oil companies and to visit the elegant country inns. He has an experience of knowing all the restaurants in Sicily . The delicious bakeries where you can find the typical Sicilian pastries ; marzipan, almond cakes, cannoli with ricotta , arancini and cassata siciliana not forgetting Gelato. The Sicilian gastronomy is the most complete in the world and Alfie has the proof believe him!

Alfie takes his visators "Friends" for wine tasting in various wineries (choosing out of more than 80 wineries) all over Sicily from sea level up to an altitude of 900 mts (3000 ft) . One of Alfies Sicilian rules is you would never start drinking wine on its own and nver taste wines if not before filling your palate with rich flavours of cheese or various savoury snacks or meats....Sicilian wines have been awarded with prizes worldwide in the last ten years and now people have a culture of Sicilian Grapes..for example ..Red , Nero D'Avola or Etna's Nerello Maschelese..White.. Grillo, Insolia and Cataratto. Then all types of grapes discovered in other countries are also grown in Sicily ..Chardonnay, Voigner, Merlot, San Giovese which find fertile volcanic soils and suitable climate.


Un'altra caratteristica di Alfio è la passione per la cucina, grazie a questo potrebbe darvi splendide consigli sulla scelta dei piatti. Nel vostro percorso Alfio vi porta a visitare delle fattorie, cantine ed agriturismi , inoltre conosce molto bene la maggiore parte dei ristoranti della Sicilia. Vi porta anche in quei posti dove vi è la produzione di ricotta, olio e vino, è una splendida esperienza! Visitare anche le pasticcerie siciliane e gustare le deliziosi cannoli con ricotta, cassata siciliana e torte , frutta marturana, e biscotti varie di mandorle, le arancine e soprattutto i gelati. La qualità e la genuinità dei prodotti fa la gastronomia siciliana della migliore al mondo. Fidatevi!!